Sermon Resources

Part 1: Relentless Love

Hosea 3 / Bryan Robbins
June 11, 2017
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Discussion Questions:

  1. Where does pragmatism put me at odds with stepping out in faith?
  2. What identity am I trying to present for acceptance?
  3. How does the Gospel free me to accept a new truer identity?  
  4. What is God calling me to pursue as a demonstration of Christ's redeeming love?

Part 2: Severe Mercy

Joel 1 / Bryan Robbins
June 18, 2017
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Discussion Questions:

  1. What is my response when I hear, "God loves me"?
  2. Where am I prone to commit spiritual adultery?
  3. How would a grasp of the relentless love of Jesus for me change my attitudes, actions and behaviors?
  4. What is keeping me from turning to the Lord with my whole heart?

Part 3: Justice For All

Amos / Bryan Robbins
June 25, 2017
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Discussion Questions:

  1. What bearing does the faith I proclaim have on the other six days of the week?
  2. Where am I prone to curve in on myself and to think and act individualistically?
  3. How does the message of Jesus free me from self-focus and allow me to pursue justice for others?
  4. What do I have myself that could enable human flourishing within my spheres of influence? 

Part 4: Dehumanizing Pride

Obadiah / Bryan Robbins
July 1, 2017
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Discussion Questions:

  1. Where does pride show itself in my heart & in my life? Where do I believe I've earned it, so I'm owed it? 
  2. Where does pride cause me to view others as less than human? Who do I feel superior to? 
  3. Which aspect of the healing of pride through the gospel do I have the hardest time believing? God's judgement or God's mercy? 
  4. How can I pursue humility toward God & others daily?

Part 5: Lessons in Convictability

Jonah / John Parrish
July 9, 2017
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Discussion Questions:

  1. The story of Jonah is really our story. What nudge, tugs, or velvet bricks from God do you need to follow-up on in the next 24 hours as a result of what He has impressed upon you today?
  2. Jonah 1:9 says "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." What hope does this promise give you as you face the darkness inside and outside of you?
  3. Jonah's prayer was "Lord, search them!". David's prayer was "Search me- and know my heart. See if there is any wicked way in me." In light of who you see yourself becoming, why would you want to pray David's prayer instead of Jonah's prayer?

Part 6: Who Is Like God? 

Micah / Jimi Branch
July 16, 2017
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Part 7: Wrath & Refuge

Nahum/ Bryan Robbins
July 23, 2017
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Have I truly taken refuge in Christ, or am I relaying mostly on myself?
2. Where have I presumed upon God's kindness?
3. What about God's nature and character do I struggle with most- his wrath, or his mercy? 
4. How does the gospel free me to take refuge fully in Christ? 


Part 8: Faithful Wrestling

Habakkuk / Bryan Robbins
July 30, 2017
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Discussion Questions:

1. How do I typically handle challenging  and confusing circumstances? 
2. What keeps me from trusting God as much as I trust myself? 
3. Where do I go with my questions and challenges towards the Lord? 
4. How does the Gospel give me confidence to hold on when things are challenging, hard, and confusing? 


Part 9: Grace for the Complacent

Zephaniah / Bryan Robbins
August 6, 2017
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Where do I sense complacency in my soul? 
2. What keeps me from seeing dead-ends as God's mercy? 
3. How am I being challenged, encouraged, and shaped by God's word? 
4. Does the truth of the gospel make me want to sing? If so, why? If not, why not?


Part 10: Procrastination & Promise 

Haggai / Bryan Robbins
August 13, 2017
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Is there anything in your life I know God is calling me to, but I've been putting it off? 
2. Where are the holes in my pockets? Might God be using them to get my attention?
3. How does the good news of Jesus free me to be courageous and step into God's calling?
4. What would I do tomorrow if I was certain God is with me? 


Part 11: Returning

Zechariah / Jon Beaver
August 20, 2017
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Why do you resist returning to God? Unbelief, tough conditions, security? Maybe you don't think God can forgive you?
2. Are you just playing religious lip service to God when it come to your attitudes and actions towards the "withouts"? How may God be asking you to get involved in advancing His kingdom in this area?
3. What sin in your life today is causing you to have troubled relationships with God and others? Repent, and turn to God!


Part 12: Compartmentalization

Malachi / Bryan Robbins
August 27, 2017
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Discussion Questions: 

1. How seriously do I take God? Both his love, and his commands?
2. Does the Lord get my first & best, or my leftovers? Why?
3. Where am I guilty of trying to compartmentalize my life?  Where do I  resist his Lordship?
4. How can the message of Jesus bring healing to my dis-integrated life?