Community is a critical part of our spiritual growth.


Jesus clearly commands that as his followers, every Christian be involved in disciple-making; helping others to know Jesus and to learn to follow him.  Our desire at Missio Dei Church is that every member be growing as disciples of Jesus.  In the New Testament, we see three primary identities of a disciple: Worshippers (Mark 12:30), Family Members (John 13:34-35), & Missionaries (Mark 12:31).


There are several environments in which this kind of growth can occur. Community Groups are our primary 'vehicle' for this growth to occur. Community Groups generally consist of 8 or more people who meet to share life and encourage each other to become more like Jesus. We find that the more people get involved in their Community Groups, the more they want to make sure others’ needs are met as well, and over time, the Community Group develops into a tight-knit community of people who look out for each other and encourage each other to be more like Jesus. Community Groups are an amazing picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out in real life.

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