Missio(n) to Tanzania June 2017

We’re booked! Sabrina McDonald, Thomson Meeks and David Lindrum are heading to Mtwara June 12-22, 2017.

We are working now to make the connections and preparations needed to:

Love on Compassion

  • Provide the center with some tangible sign of our love and support for them.
  • Visit the Compassion center on a Saturday to see it in full-swing, something we couldn’t see last time.

Support the Church & Provide Training for Pastors

  • Find Swahili books for the pastors while in Dar Es Salaam.
  • Worship with Pastor Sylvester’s church.
  • Lay the foundation for a potential medical trip from Missio in December.
  • Connect with Benjamin in the village to learn if and how MDC could best assist in evangelism.

Encourage Businesses

  • Support the Nehemiah project workshops and encourage Godly businesses to serve the commity
  • Connect with the entrepreneurs we are mentoring now, and meet those we’ll advise in coming months
  • Visit with the translators helping us and look for ways to strengthen and streamline the process.
  • Meet with community leaders to encourage connecting business people and sharing success stories.

If you’re interested in supporting any of these efforts, or have questions we might be able to get answered while there, please contact David Lindrum.