Fish Market

Daniel writes:

I had a conversation with four women, dealing with fish selling. This is Halima,  Sophia, Mwanagulani, and Subira. They buy from the fishmongers and prepare by removing the hard  skin cover of the fish and roast in cooking oil. Then they put into basin ready for selling.

Mtwara is a coastal city, and boats arrive each day with freshly caught fish. A few miles from Mtwara's big fish market, these women are selling cooked fish near the main bus station. 

The row of sellers in such bright fabrics reminds of the salt sellers in the Kenyan movie Queen of Katwe. I love that this brief video provides a glimpse of the community among the sellers, as well as a couple customers shopping for fish. The shoe salesman that comes by represents yet another part of retail commerce in Mtwara. 

Part of our Work in Mtwara, series in conjunction with our Faith & Work study: The Other Six.