In this series, we'll examine Jesus' first interactions with three of his disciples after his resurrection as recorded in the Gospel of John. 

Part 1: Mary

John 20:1-18 / Bryan Robbins
April 8, 2018
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Discussion Questions: 

1. How deep is my faith in Jesus? Have I heard His call? Do I recognize His voice?
2. Where are the ‘open tombs’ in my life right now? Where is it hard to believe He is at work?
3. What barriers are keeping me from a closer relationship with the Lord?
4. How has God shown His faithfulness to me recently? What are evidences of grace in my life?



Part 2: Thomas 

John 20:19-29 / Bryan Robbins
April 15, 2018
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Am I at peace? What would it be like to have the peace Jesus offers?
2. Where do I wrestle with doubt/unbelief? Do I have the courage to be honest with my doubts?
3. How am I posturing myself? Am I putting myself in places to be able to experience the Lord?
4. Who do I know that may be wrestling with doubt? Can I serve & bless them? 


Part 3: Peter

John 21:1-19 / Bryan Robbins
April 22, 2018
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Do I love Jesus? Have I decided to follow Him?
2. When I fail, do I run to the Lord, or away from Him? What does this say about my understanding of grace?
3. What keeps me from being more honest with myself, God, and others about my failures?
4. How does Peter's experience of Jesus' grace encourage me to take responsibility and find healing?