Theology of Work

The website provides a curated library of resources related to understanding faith and work. In 10 Key Points About Work in the Bible that Every Christian Should Know, project co-chair Andy Mills outlines their perspective, tying each insight to scripture and original commentary on those passages. The post is a remarkably concise primer on faith and work, and the website is a remarkably deep library for further study. As a preview, here are the 10 key points:

  1. Work is part of God’s big picture.
  2. Our actual work matters to God, now and eternally.
  3. God provides us with unique skills, gifts and talents, and calls us to particular roles and activities
  4. Quality, character, and ethics are foundational for our work.
  5. Our work is yoked with Christ.
  6. Our work should be centered on service to others.
  7. A rhythm of work and rest is essential to life.
  8. The use of wealth and our investments should be directed by God.
  9. God's work multiplies through relationships and through the local church
  10. Work is a gift from God