Serve the City


In Jeremiah 29 God tells the Israelites in exile to work for the good of the city. Tim Keller’s Faith and Work sermon breaks this down into three calls:

  • settle in
  • don’t melt
  • serve others  

We are called to be distinctive yes, but also to be in the mix. To look around, see what the city needs to flourish, and then jump in and contribute to improving the culture around us.

Download, or listen to Keller's full sermon here.

The Meaning in Work


The problems of overvaluing or undervaluing work go away when we consider what it is that makes work meaningful. Andy Stanley, pastor of Northpoint Church in Atlanta, hosts a popular podcast on leadership. His two part series on "The Complexity of Purpose" discussed this very issue. 

Work is rightly understood, he tells us, when I realize that instead of my job being my actions for my end, I instead see my job as God’s action to love people for his glory. 

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