Culture Making

Using Jeremiah 29 [Net Bible] Bryan asked us yesterday to think about how we interact with the culture around us. This provocative topic has been given considerable thought by Andy Crouch in his book Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling. [on Amazon]

Andy argues there are four ways Christians have historically responded to culture:

  1. Rejection of culture, in which we withdraw. 
  2. Critique of culture, in which we find its faults.
  3. Consuming culture, in which we uncritically accept it.
  4. Creating culture, in which we participate in making something better of our world. 

His book dives deeper into each of these perspectives, but the bulk of it is on the fourth, and how culture is created not in big PR campaigns but in everyday simple acts like being the house in your neighborhood where kids gather, baking bread for your family, or how you do your work day-to-day.

In other words, you're already creating culture every day. Andy's book helps us see how that happens and, through this new awareness, to be a little more intentional about the culture we are making.