Artists and Gardeners

Photo by  Benjamin Combs  on  Unsplash
Genesis presents God as both Creator and Ruler of the universe. Creators are those who make something new; rulers are those who maintain order and separation.

And those who are made in his image will also be both creators and rulers.

They will have a unique capacity to create…to reshape what exists into something genuinely new.

And they will have a responsibility to care for what God has made.
— Andy Crouch, Culture Making

The subtitle of this book is Recovering our Creative Calling, which well-summarizes what Crouch is trying to help us do. He makes it clear that we can't make culture, but that culture is the result of what we're all making. In that sense, all of our attempts at "productive effort" are attempts to build, change, or maintain culture. Suddenly, everything you do has meaning...maybe more than you hoped for. [Amazon Link]