Part One: The Word of Life

1 John 1:1-4 / Bryan Robbins
October 7th, 2018
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Study Guide: Part One

Discussion Questions: 

1. Who do I believe Jesus is?
2. What keeps me from a deeper relationship with God? 
3. How can the truth of the gospel give me this unbreakable hope and unshakable joy no matter what?
4. What next step is Jesus leading you to? 


Part Two: Walking in the Light

1 John 1:5-10/ Bryan Robbins
October 14th, 2018
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Study Guide: Part Two

Discussion Questions: 

1. What keeps me from walking in the hope and joy Christ has made available to me?
2. How often do I try to make myself the center?
3. Where do I need to confess sin to the Lord? Why is it so difficult to admit my failure?
4. How does Christ’s sacrifice for me free me to be honest about the darkness still in me?


Part Three: Christ Our Advocate

1 John 2:1-6/ Billy Glosson
October 21th, 2018
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Study Guide: Part Three


Part Four: The Old/New Commandment

1 John 2:7-11/ Bryan Robbins
October 28th, 2018
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Study Guide: Part Four

Discussion Questions: 

1. Am I loving? Who is hardest to love?
2.Where do I tend to forget the gospel? To practice ‘hate’?
3. How can the love of Jesus to me transform my heart and attitude towards others?
4. Who in my life needs to experience God’s love through me?


Part Five: Conflicting Loves

1 John 2:12-17 / Bryan Robbins
November 4th, 2018
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Study Guide: Part Five

Discussion Questions: 

1. Where do I most feel the tension between love of the world and love of God?
2. Which reminder from John is the hardest for my heart to believe?
3. How does the Gospel bring me assurance of forgiveness, freedom, and strength?
4. Where do I most need the power and presence of God to abide in me right now?


Part Six: Anointed & Abiding

1 John 2:18-27 / Bryan Robbins
November 11th, 2018
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Discussion Questions: 

1. Am I for Christ or am I Antichrist? Do I know and love Jesus? Is there any evidence in my life that I belong to Jesus?
2. What keeps me from abiding in the word in spirit?
3. How can knowing that I am anointed by The Holy one help me in times of doubt and in times of trial?
4. Where do I need to grow in my understanding of doctrine and how am I going to do that?


Part Seven: Born of God

1 John 2:28-3:10 / Ryan Krishnan
November 18th, 2018
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Part Eight: The Family of God

1 John 3:10 - 3:18 / Bryan Robbins
November 25th, 2018
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Discussion Questions:

1. What does my commitment to God’s people say about my commitment to God Himself?
2. Where does my heart look more like Cain’s heart than it does Christ’s heart?
3. How does the love of Christ demonstrated to me empower me to love God’s children more deeply?
4. What will it look like for me to lay down a real part of my life for the family of God?


Part Nine: Assurance

1 John 3:19 - 24 / Mark Knox
December 2nd, 2018
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Study Guide: Part Nine


MIND: Dwell on the objective truths of the gospel and the promises God has for you if you believe in Jesus.
HEART: Quiet your condemning heart by "preaching the gospel to yourself" daily. Ask Jesus to help you receive the forgiveness He has given you.
WILL: Commit to abiding in Christ by drawing close to his Word and leaning into Him in prayer. Continue to grow in Biblical virtues that give evidence of your faith.